Enroll in HIE Direct

What is HIE Direct?

Secure and encrypted email service that combines the national direct messaging standard and patient look-up services. Users can request and retrieve data from The Health Information Exchange via a secure message

How does HIE Direct work?

Users sends a secure message to the HIE requesting their patient’s data. The HIE will generate a PDF version of the C32 patient summary and will send via DM back to the requesting physician

What type of data is available?

C32/CCD Patient Summary, Patient Demographics, Diagnoses/Problem List, Providers, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations, Laboratory/Radiology Results, Clinical Notes

How do I enroll?

In order to enroll, the user must have a direct messaging account that is Direct Trust accredited. Complete the following forms: Terms of Use Agreement and Subscriber Agreement and return to HIEDirect@the-hie.com.  In order to remain active in HIE Direct, you must share data for Patient Look-Up within 24 months of obtaining access or disenroll.

Is Patient Authorization Required?

Yes, to view PHI from HIE Direct, the provider must collect consent from the patient.

How do I obtain a Direct Messaging Account?

If the user does not have a direct trust accredited direct messaging account, the user can obtain an account through Florida HIE Direct Messaging powered by Inpriva. Click here to learn how to enroll for a Florida HIE Direct Messaging Account.

How much is a HIE Direct Subscription?

$35.00 per user, per month.

What is Direct Trust Accreditation?

Direct Trust is a non-profit health care industry alliance that has established and maintain rules, standards, and policies associated with the operation of the security and trust-in-industry layer for Direct exchange. Accreditation is the certification of credibility and security.

How does HIE Direct work?

1. Login to your Direct Messaging Account
2. Copy and Paste the HIE Direct Template into the body of the message
3. Acknowledge the patient consent statement and press SEND
4. Within minutes, you will receive a PDF Patient Summary from SHI if one exists for that Patient

Subscriber Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use Agreement 

SHI General Participation Terms and Conditions

SHI Network Operating Policies Specific to the Health Information Exchange Services

HIE Patient Medical Records Access Policy

Vendor Responsibilities and Service Levels


Contact Ashley Spikes at HIEDirect@the-hie.com or 850-393-3219.