By connecting to the Health Information Exchange, providers will have a complete medical record for their patients for the purpose of better treatment and more patient-centered care. The HIE connects directly into the providers home electronic medical record system, creating a secure connection that allows the providers to view their patients.

The HIE will hold up to seven years of medical information and includes the following data:

  • C32/CCD Patient Summary
  • Patient Demographics
  • Diagnoses/Problem List
  • Providers
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory/Radiology Results
  • Clinical Notes

Once a provider is connected the Health Information Exchange, the provider will have access to the Florida Health Information Exchange and the nationwide exchange, HealtheWay.

Example use of the Health Information Exchange and the Florida Health Information Exchange:

Living in Miami, terminally ill Fred Jones has received ongoing treatment at Miami Hospital. To be near his family in Northwest Florida, Mr. Jones decided to move to his family’s rural location near Pensacola to stay with family members under the care of Pensacola Hospice. Prior to his arrival, his assigned Hospice care provider, Dr. Thomas, processes the appropriate paperwork including consent form signed by Mr. Jones.

As an authorized Pensacola Hospice provider, Dr. Thomas can log on to the Pensacola Hospice EHR and retrieve information about Mr. Jones utilizing the Health Information Exchange portal integrated within their EHR. More importantly, while attending to Mr. Jones in his rural home, Dr. Thomas is now able to leverage the HIE portal to initiate a search and retrieval of data from medications.